April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everyone had a great Earth Day! We sure did. It was beautiful outside and we met our homeschooling friends at the park.

Please do what you can to be green :o)

Here are some ideas:
-Use cloth instead of paper towels and napkins
-Recycle, recycle, recycle!
-When you print something you don't need, tear it in half and make a pile of notepaper.
-Compost! Take a plastic garbage can with a lid, drill some 1" holes all over it, fill it with fruit &
veggie scraps, dead leaves, shredded paper, and a little water. Let it cook in the sun until it's
done and then dump it in the garden or whereever else you would like some awesome organic
-reuse glass containers for storing leftovers instead of plastic and baggies
-buy cloth reusable bags for your groceries. They won't break, have longer handles, and hold
way more
-shop garage sales and second hand stores.
-have a garage sale or put stuff on freecycle - one man's garbage...
-turn your heat down and turn your air up
-use long lasting light bulbs
-insulate, insulate, insulate
-use natural cleaning products - vinegar and water can clean anything!
-be more organized about your shopping so you'll drive less - save gas - save money
-plant trees - grow fruit - buy meat from a natural farmer
I could go on forever :o)
Do what you can, and others, especially your kids, will follow :o)

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